Beautifully Healed

Thoughts trip over each other in my head. Not in a clamoring way, more as if none wants to speak first out of deference for the other. I would be lying if I said I’d never had a problem organizing my thoughts before.

But…this is different.

Before there was a story, but fear and unrest were standing guard.                                                                        Protecting  the distrusting and alone, who beckoned from some half lit place, for a sister to bring her solace. She had thoughts that could not be safely spoken.                                                                                                                        She just wanted freedom!                                                                                                                                                     But…betrayal was inevitable.                                                                                                                                                                     Of that she was certain.

Someone once told me about myself in my favorite language…imagery.

It went something like this..

There is a garden, green, but struggling for light because of the brick wall surrounding it. The wall is very high, white, and well-kept. There is a single brick low and central.

It is red.

The garden is lovely, but I see that it’s on the inside of the wall and can only be enjoyed by the gardener. The wall will stand, blocking all of the beauty, unless the red brick is removed.

At the time I politely thanked them for their lovely imagery and noted that the sixties must have been REALLY good to them.

A story begins to unfold…

This past weekend Jesus led a sister up to that wall.

The sister was not scared and used her sweet warrior-princess-ninja skills to punch out the red brick. The wall turned to dust.

The one who called her self “Distrusting and Alone”

stepped out into the fullness of the sun

and was given a name tag to wear, since nobody had ever been introduced to her.

She was given other names too because she is far too spectacular to have just one.

There is the one about twirling, the one about music, and her favorite one about being shiny!

But those names are for other chapters in her story.

4 thoughts on “Beautifully Healed

  1. Ina-Margaret Maize says:

    I was not there with you or your sisters but I reap the reward by the SHINY look on your face, the Boldness of your heart the Joy of your countenance and all of the pure, sweet Love that permeates your total being. And to know that God gave You to me to be one of my most wonderful Blessings, is almost more than I can fathom. You don’t have a big enough name tag to say who you truly are to me.<3


  2. this is so wonderful. even more so because I was there to experience it with you. i LOVE your new nametag.


  3. That was powerful! I know so many children, now adults, who are guarding their heart after being betrayed, abused and neglected one too many times. I truly believe our culture, and even our churches, are filled with people sharing the same story. Once the wall is built it is so hard to gain access in or out. Thank you for being transparent and sharing that. I think this needs to be passed forward if that is ok with you.

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