Strength training

I’ve been doing this crazy workout. It’s gone on, unbeknownst to me, for most of my life. It’s all resistance based with incremental changes in tension. Sometimes there are drastic changes as well.

At first I just struggled…pushing, pulling, straining in any way I could in order to just get past it so I could call it done. I loathed every part of it.

Recently though I’ve discovered that if I approach each new level of challenge with the knowledge that it’s strengthening me and is therefore not just something to be completed, but something to work through and feel in it’s entirety; the benefit is a much more enduring strength. I never used to care about strength. I even hated comments about how much of it I possessed.

Now I see that there
is great beauty in a strength that doesn’t come from simply crushing obstacles or resisting tensions, but instead, from contemplating the challenge and embracing the burn of the muscle, the inhale and exhale of good strong cleansing breaths, the toxins being expelled, and the steady strength being expounded upon.

I don’t know what today’s workout will entail, but I’m ready to meet the challenge with peaceful gratitude.


One thought on “Strength training

  1. That was a much needed and insightful read. Thank you for sharing that Heather!

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